Strict work leadership, leadership and at ordinary times we are good friends, good brothers.


Really thank you very much, without you, I really don’t know what to do.


In your body, I know what the meaning of life, see the light of real life!


Really cherish life, we are looking for partners. Thank you for being my partner. I am very grateful!


I may not be you the most excellent staff, and you are my most honored leaders, festival happiness!


Let’s face life with a grateful heart, for all concerned about our people, we smile!


Have no gorgeous language, no rhetoric words, but I thank you for you will not reduce a portion.


Had long wanted to thank you, but always embarrassed to say, to give you a clockwork SMS, thank you for your help, to love.


In busy life don’t forget to take a time, let oneself easy a eyes, keep a happy young heart forever.


You are under the lotus lotus root never show off. In your plain appearance, is a white jade general white’s heart.


God safety is just the time, place and characters, and you let me experience all of life! Thank you for your love!


Thank god gave me a special gift, that’s you! Long long journey, accompany with you is the happiness of my life!


If I can in a few days between a few weeks, months or even years, mood swings, that I get is more actually.


Parents, friends, most people will be grateful. But we should be thankful, and is often we miss people and things.


Gratitude is like a transparent crystal, let a person feel more cherish. Feel moved every time, you will reap beauty and joy.


If the guilt of my heart really say it out, afraid you think I’m worthless, but did not speak out, and felt hopeless.


Whether poor or rich, disease or health, and always with you, my dear wife, thank you for your care!


The last time you helped me a lot, I want to say to you: thank you! And wish you in the New Year, everything, good health!


Over the past year, thank you for your support to my work for a year, a New Year wish you the very best of luck in your job well, wishing you and family happiness.


Friend, let me gently say hello, although life unavoidably have gathered, but you are my heart, the most cherish the most unforgettable friends.


I am very grateful, every – it all depends on your support and love, here I sincerely hope that you and your company, achieve greater success.


I’m sorry, before you thanked me, can you tell me what is Thanksgiving? Your help is a nice surprise, let me grateful!


I just want to have a pair of hands to wipe the tears, but you give me the warm arms. I’ll wait forever, until you can personally say: thank you!


Thank heaven and earth, thank fate, heaven and earth wide, bumpy, but as long as there is love in the heart, be grateful, we’ll work hard, we can move on.


We’re going to use "gratitude" out of his own life, remember DangEn, repay society, for the construction of a harmonious society dedication render their own.


Thank you for the past year to Fu Zhicheng tolerance and help, the New Year, wish you smooth sailing, horse, and happy every day!


No matter how in the future, I want to thank you, thank you came into my life, the beautiful, happy, thank you for giving me cherish the memory forever.


Thank day, thankfully, thanks to the network let I met you! Couldn’t say for sure why, but my missing for you every day, even in the dream with your smile.


Dear leaders, because with your leadership, to enable us to work in conscientious, wuxi, thank you for your concern and help in peacetime to me!


Today I come here to sit in this seat, thank the leadership give me a chance to exercise myself, I must do my job, a harmonious team, create a harmonious, thank you.


Every day pass by your side, but has not enter visit you, today I finally decided to summon up courage, knocking on your office: eldest brother, thank you for your care!


Thank you for your strong support for a good mood, thank you for your selfless love of a good mood, thank you for a good mood to click on the hard, thank you very much for your attention to fall in love of a good mood.


Gratitude, life so extraordinary, the long river of life there are gems in yi yi is unripe brightness. Gratitude, life is so rich and colorful, of all living beings never devoid of passion of life.


Greetings such as poem, full of care, grateful song full of wonderful, let me on this Thanksgiving Day send to you the sweetest bother, may you have a beautiful in this special day.


Thank you to accompany me through those wind the rain, thank you in the most helpless time have you encourage, thank in lonely at least and you, my dear friends, would like to say really thank you very much!


Open the window to the soul, let all appreciate the language of the fly in the blue sky of life, that is my most beautiful greeting to you, in the arrival of Thanksgiving Day, hope all is well with you.

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